Best known for our deep discounted diesel generators and our ability to assist you before, during and after the installation of your new generator. We care that you buy the right type and size standby diesel generator. Best diesel generators Miami, Florida ships all over the world. It does not matter if it is a industrial Diesel generator, a commercial diesel generator, or a residential diesel generator, we have technicial knowledge to help assist you.

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We sell three types of Diesel Generators


Residential Diesel Generators are made for standby diesel generator applications.

Residential diesel generator engines made are built to last for 6000 hours or less depending on the brand.  They usually are made by 2nd tier engine manufactures. Residential standby diesel generators still have more durability than propane or gas engine which will usually fail in less than 1000 hours in the tough application a residential generator is in.  Residential generators are always single phase.

Some residential generators operate at very high RPM’s.  Generac operates at about 4000 RPM, Yanmar about 3600. The best diesels operate at 1800 RPM, like Maxon, YD and Mitsubishi, and John Deere.  These units are from 12KW to 50 KW


Commercial Diesel Generators are manufactured to meet higher demand loading.

Commercial diesel generators operate as 3 phase or single phase and are multi-volt. Being built out of much higher grade components they can operate as a standby diesel generator or as the primary source of power. Commercial generators are manufactured to be easily rebuilt. Cummins diesel generators, Perkins diesel generators and Ricardo diesel generators meet these higher standards.  These units are from 30KW to 350 KW


Industrial Diesel Generators are made to run continuously.

Our Industrial Diesel Generators are all rated “Prime”. These diesel generators have ability to run for long periods without stopping. The oil is magnetically cleaned as it the engine runs, which allows the oil to last longer, run cooler and prolonging the life of the engine.

Cummins diesel generators, Iveco diesel generators, and CAT meet these standards. These units are available from 50KW and up.


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